Firebird Press has published a series of 3 eBooks – the Lulu Trilogy. Your kids, grand kids, nephews, nieces… will love them – and you will enjoy reading the books to them!

Book 1: Lulu’s Big Adventure

Join Lulu, a desert dog, on her adventures in the big city. She travels far and sees many new sights. But in the end, she realises that there’s no place like home.

Book 2: Lulu Has a Family

Lulu moves to town and meets the dog next door. She has a family. Meet Lulu’s pups and hear of their adventures. One of them becomes famous!

Book 3: Lulu Goes Overseas

After having a family, Lulu decides she would like to see the ocean again. She goes on a long journey and has many adventures along the way. She even travels overseas.

They are all true stories. And are suitable for children 1 to 8 years old, but will be enjoyed by kids of all ages.

Happy Reading Lulu

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Lulu’s Big Adventure
Lulu Has a Family
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