Firebird Press has published a series of 3 books – the Lulu Trilogy. They can only be bought as a set. Your kids, grand kids, nephews, nieces… will love them – and you will enjoy reading the books to them!

I set up Firebird Press to publish and distribute my children’s stories about my dog, Lulu. I sell direct to the public through this website. Hard cover versions are available here.

Buy Now

And you can now buy the eBook versions through Amazon. Lulu’s Big AdventureLulu Has a Family; and Lulu Goes Overseas.

My Other Life

When I am not writing / publishing books I do shamanic journey work one-on-one with clients and give clairvoyant readings.

If you would like to know more about this work of mine see my other website Australian Sacred Journeys.

Free Colouring Books

Download your free colouring books here. Just click on the book title.

Lulu’s Big Adventure
Lulu Has a Family
Lulu Goes Overseas